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Check out some o' my stuffs.


GA: The Values :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 18 8 CA: Weapons - Theirnis :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 14 2 CA: Weapons - Lothulin :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 16 0 CA: Weapons - Doliesus :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 14 0 The Strong (Card) :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 32 9 The Malady (Card) :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 26 13 The Knowledgeable (Card) :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 20 4 The Kind (Card) :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 18 6 The Determined (Card) :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 18 2 The Innocent (Card) :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 19 2 C: Draceon :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 17 2 C: 5FriendsLotsOfCrazy :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 14 3 C: Featherys :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 17 5 C: Jay-And-Kos :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 14 3 C: QUEU-E :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 22 2 C: Roguein :icongaiaxygazer:GaIaxyGazer 18 2


Orange Stilbite
"I may not be corrupted, but I Stilbite!"

You could say that Orange is corrupted in a way, but not in the same way as the others. They have a similar warrior spirit to Jasper but to a further extreme; their ferocity is unmatched by any and every gem. They are the only Stilbite that is orange, a rarity unto their gem.

During battle, they would shape-shift their body into a weapon rather than summoning one as they found it to be much more fun than the way other gems fought. As they were poofed and repoofed over and over during battle, their main form slowly evolved into the beastly form they have here.

They can be calm and are not a liability around other gems, but they are always ready to attack with cat-like reflexes and peaked senses. Being that fighting ferociously was their purpose, this form is barely within acceptable bounds; however they get fearful looks from those they pass by.

I sorta just wanted a lion-gem and I drew diamonds on their outfit, so I had to make up this story, I hope it wasn't too long, people didn't seem to like the last character story for a gem I did.
I just realized my last two pictures both have a similar pose. I swear it wasn't intended.
A robot I made based off the animatronics from FNaF Sister Location. Their face plates were tied shut with a blindfold due to malfunctions and they are missing a middle and legs. Unlike the others he has a real hat that he found. He was the tallest of them all, but without legs they are but a mere 7'2'' tall. Most of their height comes from their massive head.

The design has been changed from the original sketch for several reasons, but the premise is still the same. The biggest difference is the endo-legs.

Their name comes from the symbol on their lower front(?). If you can guess it's origin, you get a cookie. I will draw a cookie and designate it to you specifically.
Any Steven Universe fans wanna guess why Tiger Philanthropist was my favorite episode of the show in a long time?

It's because it's got no agenda. It's simply entertainment for the sake of entertainment. It's by no means a great story for a TV show, but it's going back to what made the show appeal to me in the beginning. Before all the norm-breaking and space stuff. It was an open book. Not a full book, but an open one.


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United States
Hello and welcome to my page. You'll find a lot of stuff here from traditional art to 3d-ish art. I'm open to requests! I'm that person who makes friends with your enemies cause I wanna bridge the gap but it doesn't work and everybody cries.

I wouldn't really say I have friends, but there are a lot of great people that I advise to be your friend, just look at my watchers list. I'm a strong advocate for art being subjective and I value dedication over technique.

I don't do NSFW stuff and I'm very picky when it comes to topics of controversy. Ask though, you might get lucky!

Also, please thank me for stuff, don't be shy because others don't like it. I relish every comment I receive! Unless you're uncool in which you get either a favorite or a llama.


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Grox is awesome

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Thanks! I made it like, a year ago and I liked it so much I still use it from time to time.
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A year ago? I do remember seeing you have a set of icon faces a while back.
This is definitely one of my fav's so far. :D
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I cycle through them a lot.
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Thank you so much for the favourite on: [OC] The Protagonist's Best Friend
It's very much appreciated!

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